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  • Action Plan on Open Government - Canada is at the forefront of the growing international open government and open data movements. Domestically, the federal government is implementing a robust open government action plan and has sought to engage provinces, territories, and municipalities to work collaboratively toward ambitious open data goals for Canada.
  • Open Government Directive – directive to government departments to maximise availability of online information and data.
  • Open Government Licence - remove restrictions on the reuse of published Government of Canada information
  • Repository of Canadian federal Government datasets Open Data portal
  • Channel for public consultation on government matters Consulting with Canadians

USA Flag United States of America

  • Open Data Policy - May 2013 Making Government information resources accessible, discoverable, and usable by the public to help fuel entrepreneurship and innovation, and increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve services.
  • Open Government initiative Commitment to establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration to create an unprecedented level of openness in Government.
  • Repository of US Government information

European Union Flag European Union

  • Open government - Increasing information and knowledge exchange, enhanced connectivity, openness and transparency provide new opportunities for public administrations to become more efficient and effective, provide user-friendly services, while reducing costs and administrative burden.
  • Open Data – EC directive that will make all generally accessible (non-personal) public sector information available for re-use at zero or very low cost to users in most cases.
  • The European Union Open Data Portal open -
  • Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community INSPIRE

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Open data measurement frameworks

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