Decorative ImageWestern Australia has a proud history of being internationally competitive by leveraging its resources to achieve a strong economy. In order for the state to maintain its competitive advantage, a greater shift towards innovation and technology is required. Critical components to this are our data and information resources which are set to grow exponentially. Sharing this resource widely across government and the community unlocks opportunities for our enterprising citizens and organisations. This has the potential to drive better government, innovation, and new business and employment opportunities, to secure the state's prosperity and growth into the future.

The Western Australian Government collects and uses a vast array of data in the course of its everyday operations. This data is an important strategic asset and when managed well is a source of significant value to the state.

Many agencies already make their data available to the public, including on their websites or in reports and publications. Taking steps to make this data easier to find and use and opening access to other datasets will unlock opportunities for government, businesses and communities to utilise data in more and diverse ways. This gives rise to the development of new insights, ideas and services that have the potential to improve the way we work and live.

Given the increasing demand for flexible and high-quality online and mobile services, better management and new uses of existing government services and assets such as data is now more important than ever.

The WA Whole of Government Open Data Policy is supported by the Location Information Access Framework Code of Practice and Location Information Access Framework Guidelines. Practical advice and guidance documents are available in the DataWA Toolkit.

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