Welcome to the new DataWA toolkit


  • data.wa.gov.au has a new and expanded data toolkit to help you make the most of data https://toolkit.data.wa.gov.au.
  • It’s now easier to search and through the toolkit to find what you’re after, and discover related articles.
  • The toolkit has been built using a role-based approach - with specific sections for data creators, developers, professional data users, decision makers, and more.
  • Many articles are still a work in progress, with the full suite of articles being published over the next three months.
  • We’d like your feedback - you can help shape the toolkit direction and content through comments and voting on articles, and direct feedback.

Following on from the release of data.wa.gov.au’s brand new look and feel, we are very happy to announce the release of our new data toolkit.

The first iteration of the toolkit has existed for a while now, however its content was largely based on the initial fact sheets created to support the launch of the Open Data Policy. We’re working on several projects that will come together to better enable people in using data, and government in supplying that data. The new look for data.wa.gov.au that we rolled out last month (“A fresh new look for DataWA”) was the first step, and revamping the toolkit is the next.

The new and expanded toolkit will be accessible through the data.wa.gov.au homepage and remains at the same address - https://toolkit.data.wa.gov.au.

We’ve taken a role-based approach to the structure and layout of the toolkit. This involved a lot of work mapping out a design that attempts to present several hundred pieces of content without overwhelming anyone trying to navigate the toolkit.

Ultimately, we arrived at a design that we think caters for the all of our key user groups. The expanded toolkit will be themed according to user profiles and designed to easily find and connect with what you need:

  • Decision makers
    • General managers
    • Policy makers
    • Directors
  • Data creator
    • Data custodians
    • Data stewards
  • Data publisher
    • Data managers
  • Developer
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Software engineers
    • Start-ups
  • Data professional
    • Analysts
    • Data scientists
    • GIS professionals
  • Data user
    • General public
    • Researchers
    • Start-ups

We’re pulling together a wealth of help and guidance documents relating to data that already exist across several different government websites. We are also writing a range of brand new content – from how to guides, publishing tips for data users and custodians, code samples and tips for consuming data web services, examples of automation for publishers and users, and much, much more.

With so much content to write, we’ve had to be pragmatic in how we’ve prioritised the articles that get written first. We’ll be publishing the articles over the next three months.

But, if there is particular information or a how-to guide you need now, you can let us know and we’ll factor that in. You can get feedback to us a few ways:

and we’ll endeavour to publish the article earlier than planned.

In the meantime, you can sign into the Help Centre to ‘Follow’ the article to get updates. You have the option to sign in with your existing Twitter, Facebook, Google or Microsoft accounts:

Through the new DataWA toolkit we will make a big effort to enable you to go beyond simply discovering data, and making it easier to better understand and use the data once you’ve found it.


As always, if you have any questions, experience any difficulties with the toolkit, or have any feedback on it (good, bad, or otherwise) please get in touch with us on Twitter at @datagovwa or by email at opendata@landgate.wa.gov.au.


The DataWA Team