Open Data Portal for Western Australia (Preview)

The portal is the result of an exciting collaboration between Landgate and the Department of Parks and Wildlife. The Department has been doing excellent work making open data discoverable and very generously lent us one of their own, Florian Mayer, to get our portal up and running. We’ve learnt a lot from Florian and DPAW in a very short amount of time and would like to publicly recognise the great work that is happening over there.

As a start we’ve picked some low hanging fruit and added over 300 datasets from WA’s Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP). SLIP is the home for the geospatial data collected by many WA government agencies, and provides a single point-of-entry to discover, understand, and reuse data such as property information; road, rail, and water infrastructure and much more.

We’re deliberately calling this out as a beta release (we still have a number of things to polish) and would love to hear any feedback you have about the content or functionality of the new portal.

Please leave us your thoughts in the comments below, on Twitter @datagovwa, or get in touch with us at

What next?

This is just the start. In the coming months we’ll be looking to add more data from a range of WA government organisations - we’ve been speaking to a great group of early adopter agencies who have some exciting datasets and use cases for a whole-of-government data portal.

This beta release also provides a space for our early adopters to begin publishing data, and for us to gather feedback from everyone using the portal - publishers and end users alike. We’ll be taking everything we learn through this process and use it to lay the foundations for a production release early in 2016.

Can I publish my data?

Yes! We would warmly welcome any WA government agencies who want their data to be more easily discoverable, accessible, and consumable. Please get in touch with us at

We have a range of fact sheets and toolkits around the whole-of-government Open Data Policy for agencies already published on

The technology

We’ve built our portal on CKAN - a widely used and respected open source data management system that makes data accessible by providing tools to streamline publishing, and the means to share, discover and use all types of data.

CKAN is widely used in Australia (it powers,, et cetera), and runs over 130 other data portals around the globe (including the likes of and It’s supported by the international CKAN Association - which provides management and oversight - and has a modern pluggable extensions architecture.

So in many ways CKAN was the logical choice for us: widely used, mature, and ‘open’ (philosophically and practically).

If you’d like to know more about CKAN there is a comprehensive feature tour available on their website and helpful FAQs. You can also read about the successes of other countries using CKAN around the world.