Introducing Access & Use summaries

At we believe there’s undeniable value in being able to discover more than just the data that’s open and widely available.

Since launched three years ago we’ve been working with government data publishers to make more data discoverable.

Currently over 40 agencies publish over 1,700 datasets to meet a diverse range of needs. This includes agencies that have legislative requirements to charge a fee for data, while others make data available in more limited forms such as for research to benefit the public or for use in other government agencies.

We frequently hear from our users that there is a need for a quick and easy way to understand access to data. With that in mind, we’ve been working on putting this key information right where you need it, with clear visual labelling so that you can understand access to each dataset at a glance.

You’ll find the new Access & Use summaries just below each dataset’s description:

An image of an Access and Use card

What’s in an Access & Use summary?

Access categories

We’ve developed six easy to understand categories that reflect the diverse landscape of government data.

Data that’s available for use by everyone. Search Open datasets.

Open – Login
Data that’s available for use by everyone once you’ve registered a login. Search Open - Login datasets.

Fees Apply
Data that’s available for use subject to payment. Search Fees Apply datasets.

Data that requires approval to access. Search Restricted datasets.

Government Use Only
Data that’s only available to certain government agencies or levels   of government. Search Government Use Only datasets.

Datasets which have a variety of data resources for accessing the data, and a mix of access categories apply. Search Mixed access datasets.

Licensing information

We’re making it easier for you to understand the terms and conditions of use, and your responsibilities as a user of the data, by including quick links to licensing options.

Data Access Statements

Data access statements provide data publishers the opportunity to communicate key information about who the intended audience of the data is, and to highlight important information about limitations on its use. We’re also providing clearer pathways to enquire about getting access.

We’re always working to make sure connects you to the data you need.

These changes  have been driven by input from you, our community of data users and publishers. We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas - please get in touch with us at

The DataWA Team