Event - Applying behavioural insights for better results

Are you a public sector worker interested in the latest evidence-driven techniques being used to guide the government services and policy of tomorrow? The State Government’s Public Sector Reform team have an event coming up on Thursday 19th September that’s not to be missed!

Visit the event page to register and secure your seat.

Behavioural insights (BI) teams across the globe have been using techniques from behavioural and social science disciplines to enhance policy design and services for citizens.

The application of behavioural insights – simple policy tweaks that use the power of suggestion to influence people’s decisions  – relies on government data to measure its effectiveness. The  data community will see a greater demand for data, more exchange across the sector, and increased reliance on custodians, managers, and analysts.

Delivered by Dr Kim Louw, the session will give you a rundown on the history of BI, when it is useful (and conversely when it is not!), and how to add these tools to your policy-making toolkit.

Dr Louw is the Senior Behavioural Advisor in the NSW Behavioural Insights Unit, and holds a PhD in organisational psychology from the University of Western Australia.

This is a free event open to public sector workers, particularly those in service design, policy development and implementation, and communications. We think our colleagues in the data space will also benefit from this professional development opportunity!


The DataWA Team