Don’t get lost discovering geospatial data

The Open Data WA team have been working closely over the past few months with our colleagues on the SLIP team to make their treasure trove of WA Government geospatial data more easily discoverable on

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve made some great steps forward, and you can now discover nearly 900 geospatial datasets from 40 WA Government agencies on

For those of you who don’t know what SLIP is, read on. Otherwise, feel free to skip to the rest of the update.

What is SLIP?

SLIP, or the Shared Location Information Platform, is a geospatial data platform from the Western Australian Government. The aim of SLIP is to improve access to and use of location data across the public, private, and research sectors. SLIP is delivered on behalf of the Government of Western Australia by Landgate; and is supported through a whole-of-government collaboration called WALIS.

SLIP is a key component of Western Australia's Open Data Policy and delivers data to users through services, including maps such as Locate and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant web services that can be used through Geographic Information Systems.

Discovering geospatial data on

We’ve made all of the data available in SLIP discoverable on - which includes a lot of public and open datasets, but also a range of restricted datasets. These datasets are often restricted for inter-agency sharing due to their sensitive nature (eg. unexploded ordnance), or due to legislative requirements, but in the end we decided it was more useful, and in the spirit of open data, for the data to at least be discoverable, if not accessible to everyone.

Additionally, coinciding with the launch of SPUR, our new location and innovation hub, Landgate has released a selection of Fundamental Land Information datasets, that can now be accessed free of charge.

SLIP data can be accessed in a variety of different flavours including:

A note on data access

WMS and WFS Services

As we mentioned above, certain datasets are restricted in some fashion. If you attempt to access the Web Mapping Service or Web Feature Service previews for any of these datasets you’ll be prompted to login with your SLIP account, which you can register for here:

Data download snapshots

With the exception of restricted datasets, all data downloads are freely available for use by anyone - but in order to do so you will need to register for a SLIP account. This restriction is in place so the SLIP team can better understand who is using the data they’ve made available, and to enable them to contact them as needed (eg. for their user surveys, and about changes to data).

When you go to download a dataset you’ll be prompted to sign on with your SLIP account.

To create your SLIP account simply click the “Sign In with Google” button on this page.

(Registration of standalone accounts not linked to Google will be enabled shortly).

As always, we really welcome feedback, questions, suggestions, ideas for enhancements and emails from anyone who just wants to say “hi”. Please get in touch at or @datagovwa.