Getting Started

From this website you can discover and share data. You will find all types of data catalogued through including spreadsheets, database tables and spatial data (ie. digital mapping data). The Western Australian Government encourages the use of public sector data for the benefit of all Western Australians as outlined in its Open Data Policy.

Data found on this site may be accessed in a number of ways, such as downloading datasets to your computer or using the Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP) to stream spatial data directly into your mapping software. Some data is even viewable through online maps displayed through your web browser (examples are listed in the showcases tab).

Discovering data

This site provides three main approaches to discovering data:

  1. using keywords as search terms to find individual datasets
  2. identifying an organisation which in turn will list their published datasets
  3. browsing curated lists called groups which in turn will list related datasets.

When browsing the listing page for an individual dataset, you will find links to the publishing organisation (the custodian) and any groups which contain that dataset. Following these links allow you to traverse the interconnected nature of data.

Accessing data and data services

When attempting to access some data you may be asked to sign on with a SLIP account. This is because some data requires you to be registered with a SLIP account to gain access to the data as a download or streaming service.

Please note that if you have a SLIP account, your username is the email address that you registered with. If you don't have a SLIP account, use the register an account link at the bottom of the sign on page.

Using a SLIP account to manage access allows to aggregate statistics on the popularity of the data services and provides data publishers the ability to grant access to data which may be restricted to experts. While most data is available for free, a SLIP account also allows custodians to manage subscription access to commercial (paid) data services.

SLIP account registration is free and can be made at any time. See our article How do I create an account with SLIP to access geospatial data?

Sharing data

If you have data that you or your organisation wishes to share you can list it through this site by signing up to a account and publishing your data. Detailed information is available in the data toolkit.

Further help

Help on using this site and accessing and publishing data can be found in the data toolkit - a collection of ‘how to’s’ and other guides for the technical aspects of finding and sharing data.