The new DataWA website


  • The homepage has been refreshed to focus more on discovering data and providing the tools needed to access, use, and understand data.
  • The new data toolkit will help you make the most of data, with specific sections for data publishers, developers, professional data users, executives, and more.
  • Find out about new data as it’s published with a new latest datasets section.
  • An easier way to discover data by topic: environment, infrastructure, property, water and more.

The DataWA team is proud to unveil a newly refreshed homepage for that makes it easier to find and use data.

The original DataWA website was very focused on the policy side of open data, which was a logical and necessary focus when first launched in 2015, but less and less relevant as we’ve moved to support the day-to-day publishing and use of data.

In working on the new homepage design, we had two key principles in mind:

  • that we could better support both publishers and users of data through a new data toolkit,
  • that it should be easier to discover data.

Data Toolkit

The new look DataWA website features a comprehensive toolkit with instructions for specific user groups including data creators, data publishers, developers, professionals, executives and everyday consumers. The new toolkit includes a wide range of helpful guides, instructions, and tips tailored to each group of users.

The toolkit will continue to be updated regularly with new information. In early 2018 we’ll be focusing on providing more information for executives and everyday consumers of data.

With the new toolkit, we’ve focussed on enabling you to go beyond simply finding data, and making it easier to better understand and use the data once you’ve found it.

DataWA homepage

Discovering Data

You could already search for specific datasets or types or data on, but we know from your feedback that sometimes you want to be able to cast a wider net and browse whole categories of different types of data.

To support this approach to finding data we’ve added two new sections to the homepage.

First, discover data by its topic: environment, infrastructure, property, water and more.

Data sorted according to topic

Second, check out the newest datasets published by organisations through the latest datasets section.

Latest datasets section of

We’ll be updating this section each month with a curated list of the latest data from all of the organisations that publish data to

Feedback and what’s next

Our new homepage is a small but important step in our data journey as we continue working to ensure that it’s getting easier to discover, understand, and use data.

In early 2018 we’ll be focussing on the theme of ‘clearer communication’. Clearer about how open a dataset really is, how it’s licensed, and on the stability and status of the whole technical platform behind We’ll have more to say about these in the New Year.

As always, if you have any questions, experience any difficulties, or have any feedback on it (good, bad, or otherwise) please get in touch with us on Twitter at @datagovwa or by email at